What is a virtual home design consultation?

A virtual home design consultation will consist of the following process:

1. A shared Google Form will be sent once I have received your request. This form, "What's My Style," will have lots of questions and things to consider. You may answer as many or as few questions as you want. These questions are designed to help you discover your goals, and they also help me understand your style and goals so I can best help you.

2. After the $50 fee (limited-time introductory offer) has been paid and you have finished reading and responding to "What's My Style," we can set a time to meet virtually.

3. You will also have an opportunity to send pictures of areas in your home that you would like me to be aware of, have visual access to, or analyze for solutions. (A picture is worth a thousand words!)

4. Next, we will schedule our virtual meeting to discuss your goals. I will answer questions, give guidance, and share suggestions I have for your projects on one of the following platforms: Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or Google Meet. (Your Choice)

5. After the meeting (45 min. and not to exceed one hour), I will send you a PDF of helpful tools you can use for planning and accomplishing your goals.

6. Follow-up meetings may be purchased and scheduled at any time at a rate of $30 per half-hour or $60 per hour (These are also introductory prices.)

I look forward to helping you create a warm, relaxing, and joyful home that reflects your family's unique personality.

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Virtual Home Design Consultation

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